Hotels and Pubs

Per capita alcohol consumption in Australia was essentially unaffected in any negative way by the depression of the 1930's, thus furnishing an extremely healthy market for the design and construction of new hotels and pubs throughout the inter-war period.

The unabashed primary function of these buildings was to act as gigantic three dimensional advertisements for the breweries who built and owned them, and as a consequence some of the most visually and physically impactful Art Deco architecture in Sydney is represented by its ubiquitous corner pubs - of which there are literally dozens.

This page currently features a number of the more noteworthy examples from central Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. Further images from farther afield will be added in due course, so be sure to revisit.

Civic Hotel - 386-388 Pitt Street, Sydney

County Clare Inn- 20 Broadway, Chippendale

Hotel Broadway - 166-170 Broadway, Chippendale

Australian Hotel - 100 Broadway, Chippendale

Hotel Hollywood - 2 Hunt Street, Surry Hills

Piccadilly Hotel - 171 Victoria Street, Potts Point

Criterion Hotel - 19 Park Street, Sydney

Westminster Hotel - 2 Broadway, Chippendale

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