Industrial and Institutional Buildings

The lack of attention given to the industrial Art Deco architectural heritage of Sydney hitherto, is out of all proportion to both its prevalence and its importance.

In an era when the demand for cheap, mass-produced items of all types saw Sydney's manufacturing industries at the height of their influence and profitability, factories and workshops frequently adopted the most streamlined and "moderne" of guises, as a way of publicly attesting their role as the means by which the world would be truly launched into the wondrous new "machine age".

There are some fine examples of industrial Art Deco scattered amongst the older industrial suburbs which border central Sydney's south western edges, and it is these that are currently featured on this page.

Many other equally important examples may also be found in some of the older suburban-industrial districts along the southern, south western, western and northern rail corridors, and we intend making available images of these in the future.

A number of public hospitals and other institutions were constructed in the moderne style in Sydney during the 1940's, and we also intend including images of these on this page.

Dental Hospital of Sydney - 2 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills

Westcott-Hazell - 513-519 Wattle Street, Ultimo

145 Cleveland Street, Chippendale

Parker Pen factory - 157 Cleveland Street, Redfern

Corner of Saunders and Bank Streets, Pyrmont

63-79 Miller Street, Pyrmont

Demco factory - 271 Cleveland Street, Redfern

80 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale

E G Bishop - 37-45 Murtle Street, Chippendale

70-72 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

480 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills

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