Art Deco World don't just sell stuff! We are also able to provide the complementary range of services detailed below. Contact us for further information.


Interior Design

Are you buying or thinking about restoring an Art Deco property, or looking at giving your contemporary property a moderne ambience? Art Deco World is able to provide a full range of sympathetic and informed interior design and redecoration advice and services to ensure the best possible result to suit your budget.

Prop Sale and Hire

Selling your Deco property? Shooting a film or commercial? Art Deco World has a large collection of stylish, original streamline-moderne homewares and appliances available for daily or weekly hire. Everything from cocktail sets, coffee percolators, vases and clocks through to candlesticks, bookends, toasters and electric irons are available to accent your particular environment. And if you have something in particular in mind, we can help source it.

Location location location!

Looking to buy an Art Deco property but not sure where to begin looking? Wanting to sell your Art Deco property and maximise your price, but unsure of its history? Seeking an ideal location for your film or commercial? Contact us! Art Deco World maintains the only dedicated, comprehensive private database of Art Deco buildings in Sydney, covering everything from office towers and residential buildings through to pubs, cinemas and industrial sites.